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Whether you need help with a blog post or a novel, Word Nerd Edits offers the following services:


This is usually the final stage in editing. If you've already edited your work, you might still need a second set of eyes to catch typos and errors in spelling, syntax, grammar, and punctuation.

I will help polish your work so that it's ready for publication.


A step beyond proofreading, copyediting includes:

  • checking for consistency in spelling, capitalization, numerals, and hyphenation

  • checking for continuity in story (including character description, plot, and setting)

  • fact checking

Developmental Editing

Word Nerd Edits

offers discounts for students and first-time authors. Contact me now to find out more!

A developmental edit addresses plot, pacing, characterization, and setting. You will get detailed feedback specifically geared towards your goals. I'll give you a sense of what works, and what doesn't, and help you come up with solutions.


The goal is to help you make your work better while maintaining your own unique voice. 

Revision/Writing Help

I will help you write, rewrite, or finish your novel.

If you've finished a manuscript but aren't completely happy with it, I'll help you get it to where you want to be. If a chapter or the whole book needs to be rewritten, I'll walk you through it. If you're struggling to complete a draft, I'll be there to help you fill in the gaps. If you have an outline and can't quite figure out how to turn it into a book, I'll work with you chapter by chapter to make it real.

Depending on your needs and both of our schedules, this can include correspondence via email or phone calls.

On a budget? Me, too! I'm happy to work something out with you!